Figured it out about a hour ago

Me and my sisters drove two hours to visit my stepmother today. It was her 80th birthday and we celebrated her birthday and my birthday by going out to a super fancy restaurant. Her niece was at lunch too. OMG she was so cute. She was only 24 years old though. I slept on the drive up to Sacramento, I was tired all through lunch, was tired when we got back to the house. And slept on the way home! I was wondering why I was so abnormally tired then when I got home it made sense. I discovered I had accidentally taken my night meds before we left this morning. I take Seroquel so that explains the tiredness. Now it’s 1:15 am (I haven’t set my clock ahead yet) and I’m wide awake. Damn, I can’t remember the last time I made that mistake. It’s been a long time.


Hope you get some rest @77nick77.

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