Fighting tonight

Tonight, I am really fighting hard not to take extra meds. I have been doing really well, and I don’t want to break my sobriety streak, but it’s really tough tonight. I have a week’s worth of pills that were given to me, and they are calling my name. Maybe I wasn’t ready to have that kind of responsibility. But I was so proud that my husband trusted me that much, you know? I want to prove that I’m capable of handling it. I don’t know what to do to take my mind off of it. Everything I try hasn’t worked. I just need to make it an hour until bedtime.

For those of you who have been addicts and have made it, how do you stay clean? How do you distract yourself?


For me I have to keep busy, I have given everything up but smoking and working on that now, getting used to going longer without one.

My husband never complained. He just helped me. He took control over my meds when I told him I had a problem and let him know that I needed his help in that way. Whenever I messed up, I would confess it to him, and although I felt guilty and like I let him down, he never did or said anything to make me feel that way. He’s so understanding about it. It’s sweet and it killed me every time I messed up…


It’s not the end of the world if you make mistakes. What matters is that you don’t tell yourself “I slipped up, so nothing matters now, I might as well keep doing it” but instead try to learn from it and keep on fighting the good fight.

What helped/helps keep me away from the drugs I were addicted to is rememberring how horrible it felt to detox. I don’t want to restart that process and put myself through that again.
I also try to remember how good it feels to be able to stay clean, and how proud I am that I made it.

I hope you feel better soon. :slight_smile:
Remembet, everything will pass, even bad feelings.

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I breathe deep and try to focus on things other than what calls out to me.

I had a pretty nasty crack habit for four years in the late 80’s. AA, CA, and NA helped me get clean and stay clean. for 28 years.

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I made it through the night! I distracted myself by looking things up on the internet. :grin:


Keep fight sister
And i think talk to other more good than internet :+1:t5:

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