Fighting the good fight

38 years with paranoid schizophrenia! I am getting a little tired at age 56 but I haven’t given up by a long shot. But I need to get serious about taking naps to recharge my batteries and going to bed earlier.

Today was a nice day and I drove half an hour to the city I grew up in for a dermatology appointment. The doctor had removed a small lump from my head three weeks ago and stitched it up. A week later she took the stitches out but told me to be on the safe side she sent my lump ( I guess that sounds weird) to Stanford University Hospital to look at.

At first she said it was harmless but today she had a printout from the hospital and there was a paragraph written about my lump but when she read it to me I didn’t understand half the words. So I go back in a week or so after my lump (why does “my lump” sound so weird, lol) is looked at more closely.

It was a little interesting in the docs office though. Apparently the receptionist doesn’t like me. In fact she hates me, lol. It’s this young 20 year old woman and she was doing stuff to deliberately irritate me. So I walked by her on my way out and when she was writing an appointment card for my next appointment I just gave her a long withering stare and she felt it and got mad so I did it more. I made her look bad. It was stupid because I should have just walked out like a mature adult and ignored her but she did this last time too and so…Well, at least I learned I can make someone feel bad with just one look.

But it was a gorgeous day and I forgot about her. I rarely visit my old town and it’s a beautiful place so I just took a long drive around seeing all the old places I used to ride my Schwinn Stingray to and I drove downtown checking out all the stores I had never seen before. It was fun. I enjoyed myself and I came home and ate and made some phone calls about some pressing business. I need my cat smogged to get this years new registration so I called up a garage and I’ll take it in after work tomorrow.

Man, I have the absolute best days and the absolute worst days I prefer the best days but I can’t force it and it seems to be out of my hands.


:scream_cat: :smile:

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I’m glad you had a good day today!

I’ve done many passive aggressive things to people who are (for lack of a better term) “deserving of it”…

Here’s to hopes of more awesome days to come! Hope your lump heals up smoothly and without incident.

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Hey, give me a break, those cat emissions are wrecking the ozone layer, one meow at a time.


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