Fight with other people using telepathy?

It seems that I am fighting with other people using telepathy. I Get really scared but I still do it all the time. Has anyone experienced anything similar or how can I stop this horrible behaviour? It is opposite of my etic guidelines in life, where I in reality is only friends with people.

The people you think you’re fighting with are just hallucinations. Talk to your psychiatrist about this.

I still get that while on meds but more occasional and less intense than without meds. Without meds I fight with my brothers thinking its them fighting me telepathically.

I went through a phase when I was younger when I thought I could send and receive messages via mental telepathy. I also thought (and sometimes still think) I can cause things to happen by mentally focusing on them during meditation. I believe I drew my husband to me by sending messages telepathically to the universe about the kind of man I wanted. It worked. So it’s hard to convince myself it’s not real. But I don’t think you can fight with someone telepathically because they too would have to have the power to do that. And that’s unlikely.

I have this too… it does lessen with medication. I used to get very upset with people around me and not talk to them because of this but now I know better… even though it hurts when it happens… like some of the stuff hurts really badly…

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