Fight against it or sit on the couch?

The choices aren’t only those two. There are numerous possible ways to go. Each person can find his own.

Hi pob, I think the new antidepressant med is kicking in and doing its job, I have not been feeling as hypomanic, but feeling some joy and Ive been doing more things. I can only hope

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Sounds good. Me - I’m always cautious though

If I sit on the couch too long everything acts up. I guess I’ll have to fight against it.

How do you propose fighting it?

Go for a jog? What should one do to fight it?

And is it even worth my time to do so?

I’d give schizophrenia a good whipping if it were a physical force to fight!
How dare you take my dreams away!


Everyone has their own best way of dealing with schizophrenia + their lives. But fighting or sitting on the couch aren’t the only two possibilities.

i usually just sit on the bed but i feel soooo much better when i’ve done something though. it’s just getting the impetus to do it in the first place is the hard part. i have sooo much to do that it just sort of overwhelms me. my mum said break it down in to small chunks and write a list of things that need doing, so that’s what i do. it doesn’t matter if i don’t finish the whole list so long as i achieve at least two things on there. that disappoints me but at least i’ve achieved something as opposed to nothing at all. i choose to fight.


Thats a good one SnowKage I would do the same

That’s a good perspective. me though I still sit on the couch, going today in fact but my therapist is nice, impractical, but nice. desimb

been on the couch the last week or so with a flu :frowning:

luckily it is getting better tho

i don’t normally do this.