Fifth month on Vraylar


Hello again. Five and 1/2 months on Vraylar, I can report quite a dramatic increase in “mental clarity,” tho today it came at the cost of a great deal of sleeping. My logic is much better than it used to be, and it isn’t just the result of staying sober since 9/12/17. It has to be the AP. I only know because thru the long winter I was psychotic with bizarre religious and spiritual delusions. Now I am not. I don’t know what I do “believe” for sure, but if you put the pill in your body, then your brain will begin to process info differently. Side effects so far: oversleeping, occasional akathisia (esp, a spasmodic jerk here and there), blurred vision, and mild constipation. I resolve to continue this guinea pig experiment because switching to another med now would be to start all over again, and 5 months is a long time.


Glad it’s working for you @Borath!


Thank you! It is after 1am here, my sleep cycle is messed up, but otherwise I’m okay.


Does it help with negative symptoms… borath.??


Sometimes yes it does! I had one week where I was motivated to do more stuff. In fact, two weeks.