Fetishes (off topic, random, sorry im bored)

Do you people have fetishes?

I have a dyed hair fetish. Red, blue, purple, pink, unnatural colors especially, I dig it. I also like when girls wear converse sneakers with a short skit or short shorts. I like that ■■■■. I like when people wear converse. I have no idea why. Most powerlifters wear converse (that’s me!) but I am not attracted to most of them because theyre ■■■■■■■ huge, with a couple of exceptions…always exceptions…I also like guys who are muscular and handsome but not too big (hard to find right?) and masucline or slim and athletic with longish hair and clean shaven, not as musculine. I am male and bisexual, mostly top

like this, this is like 10/10 wow much hair such sexuality very boner

I feel attracted to the guy who personally trained me, too bad he’s straight as ■■■■. Like damn he is fine as hell. I would let him dominate me. But anyways I saw my ex today, the one from my onset, it was great, she said her relationship with her boyfriend is “open sort of but not completely just open” I dunno what the ■■■■ that meant, so I asked permission before kissing her and she was cool with it. I never trusted her enough to kiss her two years ago, it was nice to do that. Im seeing another girl I met in class for a coffee on tuesday, she’s the dyed hair rebellious type, (swiggity swooty, I am coming for that booty) so that’s interesting.

meanwhile gay two gay men from out of town I met online keep talking to me and want to visit. Im not sure I am cool with that. That’s low. I quit talking to them.

Sorry I just have a couple hours before my friends come over to watch a movie and I felt like talking about my sexual preferences and ■■■■

I have no idea why, but when I see a woman in a saree… my heart speeds up.

And I get light headed, and I want to follow her. I never would, that would be creepy, but I wish I could say hello.

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mrs sith has an indian friend who wears sarrees they are so beautiful, she has about 50 of them all different colours and made of silk.
she is also an amazing cook, i love indian food…mmmmmmmmmm…hungry !
take care
p.s she is also a martial arts expert , so best not to follow her !?!


When I was in my late teens/early twenties, older women seemed so exciting to me. It wasn’t a fetish but they were my type. I think a lot of asian women are sexy but it doesn’t go as far as a fetish. There is just something about them that I really like.

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I think beards on men is extremely sexy, very masculine turn on.


i mostly go for slim women with an addictive personality but they dont have to be super slim maybe up to a size 16 uk which is pretty wholesome i think, i hate high heels bc i think they are stupid but i do like taller women as well, my friend at college has pink hair and it looks good with a blue fringe but i have never seen her with her natural hair colour (i think the dye makes her look older) and my other college friend was ginger but dyed her hair black and dipped her hair in bleach so it was half ginger and i thought it looked really good.

but personality wise we have to interact at a level that i like which can be pretty full on, so we can make fun of each other without being serious and generally have a good laugh together, they have to put up with some of my foibles as well tho :scream: lol

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I have a fetish for cocky men that are beefy with a lot of tattoos. I prefer dominant personalities.

Women with nose piercings - I also like smart women, street smarts is important. Down to earth women does it for me.
I do dig women who are natural beauties - not a lot of make up - hippy types you could say


Bingo… right there, smart, down to earth and patient. NO trophy wives for me thanks too high maintenance. I need a surfer chick.

(I also wouldn’t mind if they thought I was hilarious) :laughing:


You should go to my powerlifting gym and just drool at everyone.

Hahaha it would probably be the perfect place.

I saw a show on pay-per-view once and OMG there are ALOT of unimaginable fetishes and kinks out there.

I heard the book ‘50 shades of Gray’ is making a lot of ppl more interested in BDSM.

There are many fetishes I have, but since most of the answers are about appearance… I find I am frequently attracted to women with natural red or black hair, dyed hair, tattoos, piercings. I find intelligence and independence very attractive. And I value artistic skills such as music, painting, engineering, sculpting, crafting and photography.

I tend to like other artistic folk. I dated this guy who had a sexy voice which was a real turn on for me. I like thoughtful guys who are logical. I could stand to be dominated a little bit. (I’m kind of a boss sometimes)

And for kicks:


I usually wait until I hear them talk before I end up with a crush.

I like quiet conversation. It doesn’t have to be constant chatter and jokes. It just has to be about more then how much they can chug, and how much their car cost, and how much they party, and how many chick’s they’ve been with before me. Large braggers will make me run away.

I also like people who will talk a bit about art. Again, I’m not expecting a college lecture, just a nice conversation about likes and dislikes.

I like guys in their 30’s and 40’s. I like older guys who have seen something of life.

If I’m going on looks, I also like guys who have long hair, wear leather and maybe wear some jewelry that means something to them. Each piece and each tattoo tells a story.

Imagine these guys in their 40’s and these are the guys I would try and strike a conversation with. They are the ones who have more life experience.

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Where did you get those pictures of me?


Alright, I guess… LOL I don’t consider it a fetish, but I like wild hair and certain Emo looks, with the hair over eyes.

This was my wife in 2005

I also like purple hair, 2 tone hair that’s long, like this…

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huh…thats very similar to me…dyed red or black hair, tattoos and piercings, intelligence

But its unrealistic to expect someone to meet all of those criteria to be honest, ive had to come to terms with that (Carl Jung was right about the Anima)

Haha! Oops! #stalker

Those things were just a few of the attributes a person can have that I find interests me and catches my attention. Honestly when considering a life partner though, these superficial things matter not. Everyone eventually ends up with grey hair, cellulite diminishes, skin becomes wrinkly, eye color fades, tattoos fade, piercings reject and move. Intelligence can come and go, and musical talent can be learned with enough dedication and effort (though for some it comes easier) – my point is simply this… K my fiancee does not have all of these attributes, she has some, but that is not why I fell in love with her… and when things get rough… her hair color or amount of tattoos are not going to hold this relationship together, they are just nice to look at.

TL:DR While tattoos, piercings, dyed hair and intelligence are nice attributes… I look for a deeper connection in the partners I consider. These superficial traits that I find attractive or nice to look at will come and go, it is the soul of a person that I must create a bond with (so to speak).