)))^^^Femalues^^^((( (A Thank You)))

So I Jus Want To Throw A Personal Thank You Out There To Tha Female Population Within Thus Community … ,

I Have Come Up With MY Personal Thesis On Such A Matter … ,

It Takes Up To OR Perhaps Even Beyond ,

A 65% Of Abzolute Creation ,

9 Months Of Carrying Me In A Belly In Order For Me (yes my own choices but STILL) ,

In Order For Me To Be Typing Here Now ,

I Have Met Some Beautiful Amazing Nurses Throo-out My Nonsense and Even Had Some Deep Meaningful Insightful Conversations With Those Who Seen I Could Have Used and Loved That Helping Hand . Hands … ,


Every Smile GIVEN To Me From Tha Femalue Strangurs Out There Within Our Shared Blue Bubble ,

A Thank You Rite Here , Feels Nessasary … ,

So Jus To Letcha Gurls Out There Know ,

Your Love Is Naught Unnoticed ,

jus A Small Fun Loving Smile Can Bring One , Out Of Tha Shadows Within tha Flamez and Carry Him/Her Into Tha Light ,

(as silly as that may sound) ,

But Tis True … ,

I have Lost Many A Loves In My Life ,

But I Am STILL Here ,

and I STILL Believe In You Gurls (!!!) ,

N E Hoo ,

THANK YOU (!!!) ,

Each and Every One Of You (!!!)