Females react differently than males to social isolation

While male and female mice have similar responses to physical stress, research from the Hotchkiss Brain Institute at the University of Calgary, Canada, suggests females, not males, feel stressed when alone.

The findings, to be published in the journal eLife, provide further proof that strategies for coping with stress are sex-specific. They also highlight the importance of a social network for females in particular and pave the way for future research into whether females befriend others as a coping mechanism during stressful situations.

An excuse to ignore male social isolation? Are they really saying all males are the same?


Why do I always feel left out of all the studies? :sob:


This, to me, is obvious.

Women are ‘born communicators’. So a lonely female would find it tougher than a lonely male.

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To me it is equally obvious that these sex differences are overshadowed by individual differences in humans. You can easily find women who are lone wolves and men who are born communicators.


I agree with you. You’ll find exceptions to any rule. I was just talking in general.

It’s why I think women would rather give up sex than their internet connection. Women love sex…men need sex.

I’ve not had sex since 1990. Up to 2005 my wife was still alive and no way would I have had sex with someone else. For the last 11 years there’s been no such barrier and If I had wanted sex badly I could have sought out a prostitute. I haven’t.

I’d feel distraught if I lost internet connection but am not bothered by the lack of sex.

You haven’t had sex in 16 years…I think that would make you an exception to what I just said.

Make that 26 years,since 1990.

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Isolating people is not very nice n on top of that incite hate on them,lie bout them,steal from them ,Nast to them etc

A psychologist I met once said its the most cruel thing you can do to someone.

I believe they do psychology in malice n war n adult bullying etc .
I’m sorry for them.
But grateful to be me.love me myself n i💝

I hope you get good lovin fire monkey even if it’s not sexual kind.
Sounds difficult to lose your wife .
Many Kind regards n wishes to /for you.