Felt uncomfortable today


My parents have been away since Thursday. Haven’t spoke to anyone since then so I went out to the pub for a soft drink.

I bought my drink but the barman made a joke about all my money. He was joking and not joking at the same time. Really upset me. Won’t be going back in again


He said “all your money” for the drink? I would just laugh it off. I wasn’t there though.


What joke about money?


I’ll show you a trick about money. Take what you get monthly and multiply that by 12. That’s what you make a year. Then take that amount and multiply it by 33. That’s what your income is worth if you had the lump sum in the bank. It’s probably not that bad :slight_smile:


What’s so magical about the number 33?


It’s based off of earning 3% / year on your money which is what you might get in treasuries. It’s a approximation if an annuity valuation


I had asked if the pub was busy over the weekend. He says no, not everyone has your money. I literally spend like £6 a week in that place. But he thinks I get loads of ‘free money’.


I rather have people think I’m rich than I’m broke lol


People need to mind their own business.


I’m sorry he said that. I know that’s the thing you’re most worried about whenever you go in. You have a right to a soft drink once in a while, and social interaction is a human necessity.


So why do you tell people you get money from the government? All that does is make everyone mad and jealous. Keep it secret.


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