Felt silly and mixed up this evening

This past evening I felt so mixed up. Aggro. Silly. Laughy. Blank. Jumbled. Wrote funny in my journal, leading associations from one to another.

Acting over hyper towards my husband, dancing and singing along to songs, until he said he doesn’t know me like that, I’m scaring him.

Tried my best to calm down and distract myself. Read books until I forget the funnies.

Now it’s 00:41 and I was reading and feel better. Was it hypomania or just a silly mood, I dunno. I sometimes get these mixed up silly episodes out of the blue. Wanted to throw things and yet I wasn’t angry. Weird… Anyone else?

Sounds like a bipolar mixed episode. I was told I had that a long time ago.

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I hope you have less episodes EarthChild.
Thank you for sharing about them.

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