Felt bad at walmart

I felt bad a walmart today

there was a young mother with two little kids cashing out in front of us

she put threw her credit card and got denied then tried another and got denied again

the people behind us were making derogatory comments loud cause the women was holding up the line

the poor mom had to put back some stuff and the little girl was crying cause she wanted her cereal

my heart broke for her

i wish i had money to give but i barely had enough for my stuff

inflation is causing the poor to loose out out on having a few extra things in life

idk maybe she just over spent but it was still sad to see it happen


I know the feeling of just having enough for yourself.

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That is sad 15151515

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@Wave very sad !!!


We had a situation like that a couple of month back. Mom and dad with three kids in front of us and they kept removing a few items at a time and trying payment again until it went through. My wife and I asked them to hold up a moment and we paid for the items they couldn’t afford for them. Sucks to not have enough $$$ to feed your family.


I would of offered to pay for her items if I was there.


I help my neighbours as much as I can…
Mostly people who look for food in garbage…


i wish i could have but i didnt have the money it was like 40$ worth of stuff her cart was full to the rim but it was obvious it was a months worth of groceries


@yoda123, you are on positive side of universe…


@zoa is that a good thing

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Yes you did the best you could
You have a good heart @yoda123


@Wave ty you too


Thats terrible.
Maybe if she didnt had to pay for the bags.

@Noop_12 no it was in new hampshire no cost for bags
i think she just miscounted what she bought

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