Felt a bit paranoid/suspicious in the supermarket today

I was walking around this supermarket in the big town/city today with my father.

I dont go there often, and never am there by myself - I noticed this one middle aged guy, maybe my age - muscular physique, he seemed to be following us around so it seemed.

Wherever we were he seemed to be there - I got quick thoughts of him being a government agent or something.

I have been a bit more paranoid lately - maybe its time to take the added Zyprexa my doctor prescribed me.
I see my pdoc next week

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Hey wave. I get stuff like that in the supermarket as well. Have come pretty close to confronting people in the past - bad idea. These paranoid thoughts usually stay with me for the day but mostly are gone after a good sleep.

How long do these thoughts stay with you?

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I dont know, when I left the market, I felt a bit better - this guy stuck out like a sore thumb to me.

I did not like the fact that I felt that he was some sort of spy or something - havent felt like this in a while.

Do you think I need to up my meds? My paranoia is creeping back up a bit it seems

Wave, you have bipolar or schizoaffective bipolar? out of curiosity.

My last diagnosis was schizoaffective by my psychiatrist and psychologist

My current diagnosis is bipolar type 1 by my current psychiatrist and psychologist - go figure

I have SZA bipolar type, my first official dx and never had that kind of more elaborate thinking, like spys and government officials.

I feel that I am too paranoid to have bipolar - always thought that I have schizophrenia and bipolar - schizoaffective

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How do you describe mania? I never had an episode of mania while on medication and to be honest I think I just had psychosis when off the medication. But I was never told anything to that respect.

I honestly think that my current pdoc diagnosed me with schizoaffective on paper, but refers to me as bipolar.

Maybe she is aware of the stigma associated with schizophrenia - I dont know, or she is telling me what she thinks I want to hear.

Honestly the schizoaffective diagnosis is a more accurate picture and fit for my symptoms.

Mania can be irritable and angry or blissful and Euphoric

I’ve been quite irritable and angry on my episodes out of medication but never euphoric or blissful.

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the problem with supermarkets…you invariably follow people around because that is how they work.
also men feel difficult in shops and especially supermarkets as it shows them up to be unorganised…and lost…and " what did the wife say to get, when i left the house ? ".
i have seen alot of lost men…wandering aimlessly, looking at the tins on the shelf !?! :smiley: :office:
take care :alien:

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This one time i saw a dude in there who was well dressed, shaven bald, and had a bar code tattooed on the back of his neck.

He looked exactly like one of the dudes from that movie “hitman”.

It was wierd.

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