Fell down hard on my knees and scared me bad

I was moving out the broken t.v. and it is one of those old big t.v.s…anyways…I got it in the trashcan and was rolling it out the door when the trashcan fell backwards and knocked me down…the t.v. spilled out hard of the can and hit me on the lip…so swollen lip and swollen knees…at first I thought it was broken and it scared me so bad I sat on the couch immediately to wait to see if the pain would get worse…it didn’t and there isn’t much swelling but my knee can’t twist or turn without pain…just gonna watch it…


That sucks! Are you icing your knees and elevating them to be safe?


This was scary!A bad knee could last for a few weeks. Send good vibes your way!

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Sending healing vibes your way @jukebox!

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I have fell on my knees and scared them before too.

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Those old school TVs are a nightmare to move. Sorry you got hurt

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