Feels like my brain is over-firing

I can’t talk about it to my mom because I’m worried that she will be concerned, or she will complain about how horrible her life is because I talked about my life.

I keep getting auras (start of a seizure) and going numb from one point to another, but my mom has been really stern about this and does not want to hear me say “Mom, I feel like I will have a seizure.” So I’ve been experiencing auras and experience hallucinations, dizziness, etc from it but I can’t talk about it because she was so traumatized when I had focal seizures. I said that I feel like I’m having one but my mom was like “NO! Don’t say that ever again. You will NOT have a seizure!”

I feel like I’m completely alone but I would rather experience these seizures alone. They pass anyway and it’s not a problem to endure them by myself. I just hope it doesn’t lead to a full blown seizure.

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I sometimes experience flashing lights in my eyes when it’s dark it’s weird to explain but its true

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I hope you find some peace of mind @anon10648258.
Maybe a med adjustment or even a change?
It will get easier with time. I had a very hard time at first too and had minimal support from my family at times. My mom tried her best, but she could only do so much. My dad was oblivious most of the time.
Just don’t give up. Please don’t hurt yourself.
One of the hardest, yet most important lessons I eventually learned was to be kind to myself.

I’m just hoping i will not have another seizure because I hate seizures. Shaking violently for hours is horrible.

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