Feels like I'll be laughed at in group project

I’m always scared that people would either hate me or make fun of me for being stupid.

I suck at speaking in group projects. I also feel super awkward around people and I’m scared of people because I’m worried that I would be bullied or singled out. I’m also worried that people won’t like me because of how socially awkward I am. I have no self-confidence although I’m one of the oldest people in my school, and I do well in my subjects. I’m constantly scared and afraid of other people hating on me.

I just want to stop being scared of others. But no matter how much I feel these emotions, my parents don’t want to deal with it and they just tell me I’m a great person. They really try to encourage me to think more positively, but they’re constantly struggling with issues about money and stuff.

I’m really just trying to heal myself without counseling, but I don’t really think it would be that much of a help. I just bury my problems.

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hard one to predict,
if you’ll be treated bad,

but after so many times that they do,
you fear it happening again.

been there.


These feelings are common for people in group settings. Including those with no diagnosis.
I guess the best advice I could give is to be well prepared. You are a good student already, so use that to your advantage.
It’s too bad that your parents don’t understand the magnitude of your fears, but that is common too.
Just do your best and hope it goes well @anon10648258 . Chances are, it will go well enough and you will have accomplished another goal in your education.

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The group project went well- we submitted it yesterday.

All is good so far. Thank you @Daze @eighteyedspy23 for being here.


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