Feeling weird & agitated

I hadn’t taken my meds for like 3 days, took them this morning.

I also think the assessment video appointment I had this morning to see about getting me therapy was triggering… they asked a lot of personal questions about my life, abuse and traumatic events, etc.

On top of that, this cold that I have is making me feel like doodoo…

Anyways- I am feeling weird. And agitated by every little sound. This isn’t good.

I also am debating on calling the community mental health place and telling them I don’t need therapy…… especially if they’ll be asking me personal questions/things I don’t want to talk about. It makes things worse for me.


Why did you stop your meds? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Just a lot going on and I forgot, didn’t do it on purpose

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I hope you start to feel better soon. Getting the meds back in your system should help.

Maybe don’t give up on the therapy just yet. When you finally get to see a therapist, let them know your boundaries. They will probably ask a lot of questions, to get to know you, but also to figure out what kind of therapy approach fits you best.

If you straight up tell them what you are not comfortable talking about yet, hopefully they will understand and keep that in mind when you have your visits with them.

They may even have some kind of approach that slowly helps you talk about traumatic experiences, but on your own time clock. So, you won’t feel forced into talking about it. Like a slow process of eventually getting there, but not right away.


Yeah, hopefully they understand!

You’re probably right…

Thanks Blossom!

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Well I hope you get back on those meds and feel better soon. :shrimp::shrimp::shrimp:


I think therapy is a good idea.

You’ve got a lot going on in your life and could probably use a real life sounding board.

As far as the meds go,

Just get back on track.

I’d expect to feel weird until they kick back in.

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That’s the shiit part of therapy— retelling and somewhat reliving past situations that might have made a negative impact on you.

…Especially if you’ve ever had more than one therapist, cuz then you gotta retell your story a million times :sweat_smile:.

It’s always hard to start therapy— you’re taking a gamble on whether or not you land with a decent provider, and if you guys even click or not.

You never know though, it could end up being super helpful in the long run. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable is key— but sometimes it can be rough goings in the beginning.

Best of luck in whatever you decide, and hope you feel better soon :dizzy:.


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