Feeling very very down

I have schizophrenia and have been very stable for a few years…I had a mini stroke last October and I recovered well from it. I took a couple of months off work and only returned on a phased return basis 3 weeks ago…The problem is…I’ve been feeling really down a lot especially at work…I’ve been put on lighter duties and I feel that I have lost a lot of confidence…I don’t know if it’s to do with my belief that things “aren’t the same anymore”…My mum died last March and I was so close to her and I feel a void in my life now…
How can I snap out of this? Or how can I feel better?


Maybe an antidepressant will help you. I don’t know, I’m just saying…


Do you have friends?

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Have you talked to anyone about your mother passing? That’s a huge load to keep on your mental being, having not found closure yet. @jenny8022

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I’m so sorry. It sounds like you’ve been through a lot. Maybe counselling might help? You’re a tough cookie. I hope you have a good support network.


I’m so sorry for your loss and all you are going through and have gone through. Hang in there! I agree counseling and an antidepressant could really help you. Maybe you need to talk through things to deal with how you are feeling. In any case, we are here for you.

In my opinion I feel I am on enough medications…

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Thanks for all your replies…I don’t have many close friends…I have talked to my husband, my mother in law, my sister and even my 11 year old son…I tried calling a bereavement helpline and they are always engaged…so I’ve not had any luck there. I am on a waiting list to see a counsellor…but I have been waiting since last August 2017!! :frowning:

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Maybe try an online counselor like 7 cups. I’ve never actually used that before so idk if it is good. Seems like you might just be sad due to all that is going on. Maybe let yourself be sad or try cheering yourself up by doing something unusual like watching a movie this weekend or going on a short trip. If it is persistent, it might be depression and I would see a doctor. Trying exercise, therapy, or journaling might help.

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Please don’t.

@jenny8022 I was feeling empty for a really long time until I switched medication + I added an antidepressant. Once you feel better and find a solution, you will feel a lot better. Nothing works for depression, other than medication.

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Sorry about that. You are a good person.


@mermaid1 - what is 7 cups - why - please don’t?

@jenny8022 Sincere condolences. You’ve been through a lot in a short amount of time. Please be gentle
and compassionate with yourself.

Are there any in person grief support groups in your area? Maybe there are online grief support forums?

Does listening to music help you? Or maybe starting a new - but very easy - tradition with your husband
and son? Like maybe making an easy but different dish for every Saturday dinner.

Please keep posting here, if you like. We can do our best to offer support, too.

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Thanks Tomasina…I haven’t had a good day…today at work I found it very hard…my colleagues noticed I was very quiet and asked me ‘whats up Jenny?’’ - I replied I was ‘‘ok’’…while at the same time I felt like so low deep inside…at that moment a random thought of my mum popped into my head and my eyes welled up but I held everything in…I didn’t want to cause a scene at work as it was very busy…
Most of my music are ballads so they tend not to lift my mood when I listen to it…
I will maybe search to see if I have local grief support groups…
That sounds like a good idea - a new tradition , like a different meal

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Sorry yesterday wasn’t a good day. How are you feeling today @jenny8022?

Good on you for maintaining composure at work. That takes a lot of energy.

I’m happy you like the idea of a new tradition - and maybe taking some easy photos of said

meal…involving your son in it’s preparation? Idk, maybe playing an easy board game after the

meal with your son and husband. Do you have any pets? Would it create too much extra work

to get a pet now? Or how about some easy plants?

Please give yourself credit for reaching out here. It shows resilience.


I had a better day mood wise…But had a persistent headache…My boss asked me to see my doctor which I did…She thinks I have a temperature, viral headache and dehydration. And, she is going to push for me to get seen by the counsellor sooner…I’m glad I’m not going to be put on antidepressants. …For now anyway…

Yes I have a hamster and two fish…


I’m sorry you lost your mom @jenny8022, That would be very hard to deal with, I lost my husband and I know grief is like a depression.

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You could be very depressed. I would see a pdoc if I were you. They could give you an antidepressant or a mood stabilizer to help with your feeling “down”.

@jenny8022. I agree with tukey about exercise. It’s a natural antidepressant

Sweet pets are good. That’s great you’re seeing a doctor, @jenny8022. I hope things go well with the counsellor. Do you think journalling would help?

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I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve had some form of Schizophrenia since I was 15, and now am 36. I also suffer from occasional bouts of depression. I would continue seeking counselor for additional help. They may not put you on any more medications, but you may need an adjustment of meds. After awhile your body builds up a resistance to what you take and either it means you need more or different meds to work.

This is just a personal suggestion, have you ever tried blogging, or just keeping a journal for personal use? It could be a healthy way to release built up emotions. It’s good you have a good support system with your family, but you need to find a way for you yourself to release negative emotions/energy from yourself. If Journaling isn’t your thing, maybe try meditation, or yoga, or something active take your mind off your thoughts. The more time and energy you spend on other things…not just work or taking care of the family but things you do for you…and things you don’t have to do to get by…I think will help take your mind off your problems.

It doesn’t have to be something to do with other people either, it could be as simple as taking walks and just focusing on nature and not inner thoughts, or you know whatever might catch your interest.

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