Feeling VERY loved!

I’ve posted a few times about how I’m having trouble making ends meet due to living on disability benefits. For the last year or so, my best friend has been helping me a little financially. But he’s not going to be able to do that anymore.

So he set up a fundraising web page yesterday, to help me pay for my staggering medical bills and living expenses.

And he’s raised over $2,500 in less than 12 hours!

Those donors were all my friends and family. And there have been some friends of friends who’ve donated too!

I never expected anything like this. Very few people have ever helped me in my life. But now, I’m feeling overwhelmed with the amount of love and support that has been shown to me.

Thank God for love and great friends




That is the most very coolest piece of news ever.

I am very happy for you. :smiley:

What a great gift and a great way to show that you are loved and appreciated. :cherry_blossom:

I hope this gives you some room to breathe and room to heal further with less financial stress.


Thank you so much, J! That means a lot to me.

I just wish that ALL of us who are suffering and struggling, for so many years, could experience this outpouring of love and generosity.

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Will the money fundraised effect your disability benefits at all?? Not sure if it would or not. Very nice that it happened though!

My friend contacted Social Security and the IRS to see how this might affect me. Both said that the money raised is considered a charitable gift and will not affect my benefits or taxes. Thankfully!




im happy for you anthony thats a good thing.

Thank you so much! I’m feeling truly blessed!


That is so cool of your friend to be able to take that into consideration and do that leg work. Very cool.

This news is amazing. The kindness of people is sometimes underestimated.
I’m shocked at how expensive medical bills are over in the USA.
I count myself lucky that here in the UK, medical care is free, as we pay higher taxes.
This news warms my heart. :smile:


that is amazing :slight_smile: :sunny: haha

i am so happy for you x

i wish i had friends like that!!!

well done


i am really happy for you, it must be such a relief .
take care


This is wonderful news! I am very happy for you!!!