Feeling very irritated. Which med has helped you?

Lately I’ve been feeling really irritated. We had a huge earthquake at new year and every day aftershocks. So I can’t feel at peace as I can never tell if an aftershock is going to grow and turn into a bigger shake.
There are other things which have been getting me irritated too. Life in general.
I’m on a lot of meds for sz, insomnia and diabetes. I haven’t been sleeping great too.
I see my dr tomorrow and will ask him for an extra med, but just wanted to know your experiences first. I’ve got Xanax but don’t want to take it as often as I feel irritated. I’ve got it for panic attacks and I don’t want to misuse it,
Please help by telling me what helps you so I can speak to my dr feeling a little more educated.
Many thanks in advance.

I started of many years ago taking Haldol. But that is a first generation antipsycotic and essentially a majoir tranquilizer. But when I first started taking meds may years ago that was the state of the art for schizophrenia. Now I take Abilify and have been taking it for about 19 years. I works well for me. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia so I just had a lot of paranoia and not a lot of deluisions or voices. I do want to say that we all have different brains so what works for different people may not work for another person. Good luck with finding the right medication. I’ve veen able to work full time the last 10 years as a peer support specialist. Love it although I’m retiring from full time work soon and will just work part time as I’m ole enough to retire. Go get uim!


Olanzapine might help.
It’s “calming” or sedating I think but you should discuss it with your dr.

Sorry to hear you are in such a worry.

Hope you can relax and sleep.


I have a lot of paranoia with my sz. Or at least I used to. I’ve eliminated situations and daily patterns to keep the paranoia at bay.
I’m impressed that you can work especially helping others. I’m afraid my good days and bad days come in waves and not sleeping and anxiety keeps me from being consistent in order to hold down a job. I’ve tried many times many many times.
However I’ve been feeling better lately on the mix of meds I’m on. Best in the past 10 years. So hopefully I can work sometime soon. Although they’ve just renewed my disability pension for 2 more years. It’s not much. But helps with medical expenses and pays for my dog. Since getting my dog I’ve been in a much better place and getting out and walking 2-3 times a day. She has really helped me mentally. It feels like she helps me step out into society again and gives me purpose.
Thank you for your reply and time. I hope I can get steady enough like you to work again. My depot is haldol I think which I will get tomorrow. Just irritated lately.


I’ve not had a peaceful nights sleep since I was young, no trauma just a mind which won’t switch off, so I’ve had insomnia for decades and I believe it’s the route cause of my mental health and sz. I’ve accepted 4hrs of deep sleep at night with meds and a nap in the afternoon when possible. My mind doesn’t race as much these days. It’s taken years to find the right mix of meds to feel numb. I’m accepting of that as I fall asleep peacefully even if it’s for a short time.
I will discuss your med suggestion with my dr, thank you for naming it, in the past I’ve had meds for irritation but they make me drowsy during the day. But I’m willing to try anything. I don’t want to feel irritated with people. My mental health is not their problem so I must do everything possible to avoid feeling irritated with people.
Thank you for your reply and I will discuss the med you’ve tried with my dr tomorrow. Your time is much appreciated.

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Clopixol makes me none irretated, none aggressive. None violent. None nasty. None mean. None arguing. None aggressive. Totally free of any kind of psychotic thoughts.
It really makes me peacefully and quiet.

So doctors if you have a really aggressive patient then force down some Clopixol and he will become quiet like the grave.

I’m on 500 mgs of Clopixol every 3 weeks. That’s the only one that worked and the atypicals did nothing to solve my anger issues.

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Because I’m on so many meds already and because my short term memory is poor as of late he wouldn’t prescribe me any more.
I’m not an aggressive person anymore. I used to be when I was younger. Too much testosterone but I channeled that into kendo with my daughters too. I’m too old and tired now. Everyone says I’m much more chilled out now.
But recently I’m on edge. We will see next month how I’m feeling. I don’t want to change my present meds as they work. I just don’t want to upset anyone by being irritated.
Anyway the dr said that I shouldn’t use Xanax for irritation just for when I feel a panic attack coming. So that’s a bit of advice I can pass on to everyone.

Sure meander I don’t think you are aggressive just a little bit irritated for that people must show understanding. In my case things looks very different because all the atypicals amped me up and then I got really aggressive. I was never convicted for violence and I never attacked anyone but the anger burned inside of me when someone mistreated me. Finally I got rid of the last anger causing meds some days ago. Anger is no longer an issue now where I’m on a dopamine blocker only.
I suspect that the doctors mis diagnosed me in the first place as I suspect my true diagnosis is Schizoid personallity disorder so I guess that Atypicals ruined the whole of my adulthood.

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I like Guanfacine and CBD for this

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Meds have been pretty useless for dealing with irritation for me. I have had to learn coping strategies through therapy.

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I don’t know if you smoke, but switching to vaping has helped my irritability. I feel like ■■■■ when I smoke cigarettes. My antidepressant has also helped my overall mood. Maybe if you drink a lot of caffeine you can cut back.

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