Feeling very inadequate

I feel so pathetic because of my struggles. I basically have everything in life handed to me and I’m still absolutely miserable. I’m an adult but can barely take care of myself. Everything is overwhelming to me and it shouldn’t be. I just feel embarrassed and awful about it. I feel ashamed. I just want to be healthy. And to try to fix my energy/sleep issues I’ve been seeing a neurologist who’s been running tests but my parents just say it’s going to get my license taken away and I’m worried even if they do find out I have narcolepsy or epilepsy or something that’s causing the sleepiness and fatigue it will just end in me being forced on meds that don’t work well or I can’t tolerate like my experiences with psych meds and then I won’t have a license so I’ll be even more dependent and look like an idiot to my parents.

I just feel like a massive loser in life right now.

I don’t think you’ll have problems. I doubt your narcoleptic and these meds can be very sedating…I sleep 10 hours a night on zyprexa of 10 mg’s.

You need some perspective! Before the 1950’s most of us would have lived in institutions. There were no antipsychotics and we just ended up with untreated psychosis…it wasn’t very pretty.

With thorazine came the first of the ap’s but that was cruel in itself…they don’t call the ’ thorazine shuffle ’ something good…it just bombed you out of space.

It probably wasn’t until Haldol that we had a decent ap that cut into people’s symptoms…and the addition of others. Institutions became redundant …thank frigging gawd and we got to live out in the population. Sure it was hard and still is but so much better than living on the mental wards!

These days most of us are so much better. I know it’s hard. Positives are better for most. Negatives still need addressing but we aren’t in hospitals for too long…we are in general population. Sure we struggle but that is another issue and there should be better support and stuff for us which probably isn’t going to happen.

Relax. Take the pills. If they aren’t working take more…don’t worry about side effects till you get stable. That is our lot…it’s hard but it’s not undoable!

hang in there. I’ve been through this all before!


Hey, watch it with the “l” word, because no one is one, imo. This is quite the shift in thinking from last night @Anna. What happened?

I’m sorry. I totally get where you’re coming from with worrying whatever treatment they try won’t work. Unfortunately, my experience is not a positive one. I have several physical problems and the RA it’s the only one with an easy treatment. And even that took several years to finally get diagnosed.

Hang in there. Losing your license sucks, but it’s not a guarantee. Do you have public transit where you live?

They said they found fluctuations in my EEG but not enough to diagnose me with epilepsy so they want to do a long like 3 day study which I don’t have time for anytime soon…so that may be put off for some time

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You?! A loser?!!! :open_mouth:
You managed to successfully study while having problems! And now you have a job! Do you know how much people would do that also?! Not many! On the contrary your a winner!!! :open_mouth: Don’t you feel proud of that? You really have a reason to be proud of yourself! I already told you about that, about how much I’m impressed by what you did.

Are you talking about your driver license?

If you have epilepsy, in most US states you can still drive if you have been seizure free for a period of time, from 3 months to 2 years.