Feeling very burnt out on work, worried what this means

For the future. This is the first real service job I’ve ever had where I work face to face with people that aren’t just coworkers. And I am already burnt out on it…it’s not that I dislike it I’m just very tired of it. And now it’s really starting to hit home what nursing being a “high burn out” profession means. (Not that I am a nurse now but I see now that it could potentially be worse) But I need to stick with something and this is closest to my interests. All careers have their downsides. I’m really realizing how much social interaction drains me though. Bah. How do those of you that work deal with burnout? Aside from vacations as of course those aren’t always possible?

When working I’d use my vacation days and sick days to the max. Even then I called them mental health days. I can relate to the drain of dealing with the public. It’s trying at the best of times. I don’t think there’s any easy answers but keeping stress low and having an interest you enjoy outside work is probably the way to go. Something to take your mind off the grind!


Sometimes my interest in work comes in waves,

Right now I’m sick to death of it,

But next month I’ll be glued to my computer typing out ideas.

Maybe you’re just in a slump right now?

Stay the course and see what happens.

Or maybe you just need a vacation day?

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