Feeling very alone tonight

I waited all day for my girlfriend to come home from work and when she got home she went straight to bed and has been napping all night. She will get up in a while and take her sleep meds and then go back to bed. I don’t blame her for sleeping she didn’t sleep well last night but I am feeling like me and her don’t ever “connect” anymore except for when she’s off on the weekends. I have no right to complain, she does so much for me: works, does the laundry and sweeps the floors. I just feel very lonely a lot of the time. She plays bingo online on facebook in most of her free time. we are “divided with time”. Anybody else in a relationship where they are alone all the time?

I feel I would feel alone in a similar relationship. I see my neighbor pretty much every night. (We’re both males). And I’d rather have that than a female companion only that I barely get to see. Honestly I look for friendship more than anything. It would be cool to have a female but im like you, I just hate being alone. Maybe try and find a male friend as a companion to take the lift off your girlfriend as your number one companion. I’m with you man, whether it’s family or friend or co worker I’m rarely content alone.


thanks @turningthepage I have never done good alone. I love her but it is a strain on us that she is gone or asleep, or playing bingo all the time. We stopped having sex too which is really hard on me. She’s always just too tired. I don’t blame her. I guess I’m just whining. I’ve got it pretty good and the dogs keep me company when she’s not available. I love those dogs and she doesn’t really have anywhere to go if we ever broke up.

Yeah I wouldn’t break up with her just try to find a way to rely on her less(I mean that in a good way)… It sounds like she cares about you and is not abusive. I wouldn’t give that up regardless of the situation. What more can you ask for? Do you have family near by you can hang out with when she’s at work? Maybe if you hung out with others all day you’d appreciate alone time better and then not be so anxious to hang out with her on weekends and stuff.

therein is the real problem. I have too much time on my hands and I don’t ever talk to anyone except my art instructor once a week. my therapist is coming over to change my spark plugs this week so I am looking forward to that. thanks dude. I feel better already.

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Maybe a pet would be good for you. I know when my parents are at work and I have the day off I go to my parents house and say hi to their cat. Really cheers me up. Pets can be good therapy.

i see my girlfriend twice a week, thats plenty for me. i guess i like my space

I’ve heard that the mentally ill shouldn’t be alone. It’s one of the symptoms to not be able to handle alone well. You need another person. Everyone needs more than one companion. We are just too needy to make one person our total focus. We aren’t couples on a tropical island with no need for others even if there is no desire for others. Is there a drop in center near you or maybe a church? Be courageous. A new friend is exciting. I’ll bet you can be both interesting and fun.