Feeling unwelcome

Does anyone feel that part of them is unwelcome ?

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I still do sometimes. I felt that way when I was a kid.

yes me too. It need not carry into the present. I wonder how to feel more welcome… I guess positive reinforcement would help. Maybe we can give it to ourself, the sense of feeling welcome.

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giving yourself permission to welcome yourself

I feel unwelcome everywhere. My sober club, my classes, this forum, even the outside world. Everyone looks at me angrily so i just look down to the ground when im walking around. Sometimes i think maybe if i look depressed enough then maybe people will stop looking at me with a hateful look. It never works but i still try not to look at peoples faces. They’re expressions are all saying “we dont want u here go die” so i just look away when i pass by people.

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haha I assure you they’re not saying that, that is likely a belief you have. If you try to look depressed you will look at others through the lens of being depressed, so you will probably see the expression you are trying to avoid. Try to find out what’s causing the anger, it could be anything from diet, routine, beliefs, maybe you don’t like how things are at the moment? if you choose to get to the bottom of it, change will happen, examine yourself. when making statements ask, is this really true? and then be ok if it is true.

for example:
say I am ok with people looking at me angrily
and I am ok with people not looking at me angrily

This way you neutralise the energy. Acceptance of where you’re at my friend. If you want further advice i can reccomend a book called “clear your ■■■■” on kindle by dane thomas which helps with limiting beliefs.

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Unwelcome where ? I try to make others feel welcome with me and many respond wellwell. But i still don’t trust many

I responded by being socially delusional for awhile = couldn’t understand why some people might not like me. If you want to feel wanted = make yourself useful, help out.

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@Kazuma, I know exactly how you feel. I really do. Here’s what I decided to do just about 6-7 years ago. I smile at people. I smile and greet people. That would have been much too difficult for me in the past, but I’ve made a real effort more recently. As a result of my friendly demeanor, people smile back at me 95% of the time. The ones who don’t are ********. What happens next varies, but I get a smile back and a more relaxed interaction most of the time. It was for me like learning a greeting in another language, but it’s universal. Most people respond favorably to a smile.


I don’t feel welcome very often. not with my in laws, not with my parents, no where do I feel welcome except with my partner.

I am unwanted by lots of people. I’ve already expressed how someone wants me out. I’m starting to feel my dad is turning against me with that comment he made earlier and seeing I am in a similar situation. if I do feel welcomed, it’s with my extended family and even then I just feel awkward. Even when I am in group, I feel unwelcomed because this guy will try to come in between me and any girl I talk to.

Must be tough ccbrown.

my in laws only want me to pay them rent and to use my food stamps. then my family only want me and not kay and that makes me feel unwanted since my partner is a part of me.

I do that too Hedgehog. I try to be friendly to everybody and say “hi” to people at work. I don’t always succeed but most of the time I get a friendly response back.


I’m sorry to hear that.

There was this guy who bought me a drink at the factory once. People like that are scattered across the country I think.

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Ill try that but its hard to keep a smile all the time and my brain sort of mimics the other persons expression subconsiously so its really hard for me.

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Initially when I made this post, I was thinking people would feel unwelcome due to their symptoms. Like the disturbed part of them is shunned and medicated, interesting to see peoples thoughts.

Well in essence what people would describe as the darkside of me is unwelcome by me because it causes me to be unwelcome by others. Having any type of mental illness is taboo for most people and viewed as a problem rather then just a neutral thing. Thats why even saying schizoaffective to someone else makes me cringe. Also my inability to consciously be aware of everything i say (im impulsive) is unwelcome… I really like this post lets me get my baggage out there

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@Kazuma I’m sorry you’re feeling this way—I hope you feel better soon.

You are definitely welcome on this forum so please don’t think otherwise.

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