Feeling unwanted

I don’t know how felt more unwanted, me or mother. A lot of shyness within the society of the family.


I feel OK… I’m learning that the physical is simply neutral.

That’s how I see it. Or at least am learning to.

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“Man is a spiritual being and it is only when he lives in the spirit that he is truly happy.”


i agree with that and i also like breaking down the fallacies about religion because its simply an community of people helping each other become spiritual. When one becomes serious about being spiritual its easy to see we can accomplish more by learning from what others have learned and accomplished in their own experiments with spirituality and applying it to ourselves so we can advance too. Living according to the rules nature demands of us. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, its a simple law of the universe. There are other natural laws when it comes to our behavior that are caused by our make up.

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