Feeling Unwanted by the World

Just don’t feel i have any use or anything to offer to people. I try to be nice and help but its never enough. And if i am wanted I’m just a means to an end. Its like I’m a faulty piece of equipment in the cogs of humanity and the SZA doesn’t help that. I have more to offer in the fantasies in my head then the real world which sucks. Just keep workjng I guess. I miss socializing


You’re the best :smile:

I feel unwanted by this board but the world is nice to me for sum reason…

But you’re up there with the legends as my favorite poster here :sunny:

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Thanks and I like your posts I can relate a lot to them. It also doesn’t help I lost my last friend that Ive known for a few years who i was a means to and end for drugs. So now i feel so cold and distant from the world where i have no one i truly have met and known to help me.

Sorry about your friend it really sucks but for every close person you lose it means a close guardian angel :angel:

That’s the only way I can justify my friends death, both how it affected me and his family

Check out my song if you want


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Hey man, you’re not “unwanted” by the forums. There are a lot of people here who like you and enjoy your posts. I know I do. :smile:


You kazuma jukebox crimby everhopeful nick mouse darksith a few others I’m forgetting make me feel wanted but lately I’ve gotten a lot of animosity from some of the newer posters…

It’s ok I shouldn’t complain cuz there’s still a lot of feeling good but the vibes I’m getting make my life more paranoid (not gonna say names) but my feeling of uneasiness is acting up


im unwanted here by a lot of people lol…they dont reply to me and i dont exist…but am still here :)…thts ok pal, we are our own friends

You’re my friend my Gemini Scorpio accomplice ::grin:

I liked the song if i ever get back into making music we should make a song itd be fun. However its hard to write like my brain gets disorganized on where my words are on beat. and its not really on this forum i like the forum and i hope people like me. Its the real world where i feel unwanted.

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I wish I felt unwanted by the world… rather than be unwanted by the world.

Hey, you know I used to feel like that. I rode with a group of alkies when I was ill and unmedicated. I didn’t feel like I had real friends.

I got better, it took hard work on my part, and competent work by my doctors. I found new passions which new friends came along with. Psychology and working out, namely. I had a lot of relatively brief relationships when I was really into powerlifting and bodybuilding. Basically just people who were attracted to me physically. Not bad for a college guy, more like normal.

Now I’m into research and applying to graduate schools, working out for health, often with friends.

You can get better. Meds really snapped me back into reality. They were key.


Ur psych major right. Im taking general psych next semester just to try it out since i have no clue what i want to major in. Also i bet theres some cute and cool psych majors so we’ll see.

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That’s awesome! In fact, that class sparked a fire that is raging in me today.

Psychology is my life. If it weren’t for psychology, I would certainty be dead.

I have never wanted anything as badly as acceptance into a PhD program. I’ve applied to six and have one more to go, it has a later deadline. The last one is my top choice and most likely to get in. It’s a program on stigma! I’m very qualified. Being scz may even be a good thing to the professor in that program. I obviously have my life together. What he will probably do is see insight.

And this all started with thinking psychology sounded interesting and taking psyc 101.

Well then that sparked excitment in taking this class what was it about it that made it so interesting? And i hope ur able to get to that level. We need more psychs that actually can relate to other people.

Psyc 101 covers the basics of psychology like famous experiments, famous researchers, fundamental theories. It’s basically reading and concepts. For example, you will have to learn who BF Skinner was, what operant conditioning is and be able to write out the whole concept of operant conditioning. Then Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you will need to know that and the levels of his needs pyramid, and when these theories were established.

That’s just some examples. You will learn about personality types, search this forum for “Myers Briggs” and you can find a thread I started on here this past week about personality, I had to write a brief paper on my personality type (one of sixteen types).

It’s really just some interesting and enlightening stuff. It’s the study of the inidivudual mind. Psychology seeks to not only describe but more importantly to explain and predict thinking and behavior.

I found my passion in it. Neuroscience was my major for my first year, it didn’t go so well. Technically neuroscience and psychology are different but psychology involves lots of neuroscience. Clinical psychology does, the other types not quite as much. For example, psychotherapy research often involves neurological parts of mental disorders. In fact, some disorders are so strongly based in neurology that they are deemed “neurological” or “biological”. Other disorders are just due to thinking for the most part, they’re deemed “psychosocial”. Catch all term for psychological and social factors in the disorder. My thesis is partly about this distinction. I had to learn some neuro stuff about tons of disorders and then pick three neuro based and three psychosocially based disorders to try a stigma intervention on. Stigma has clinical implications- for example, a stigma intervention may help mental health workers and family caregivers of mentally ill people face the mentally ill person they will have to treat or live with or maybe just have to interact with for any reason. Like when my more distant relatives see me- maybe they are anxious about having to see me and could use a stigma intervention to prepare them for the experience…not that I am that bad…:sweat_smile:

It’s fun stuff! I love it!

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And tell me if that was confusing, I can break it down but you seem like a smart cookie if you are going to college. I know it may sound like nonsense, so if you are confused, tell me what to say more clearly. I need to practice speaking this complex stuff so that anyone can understand it.

I don’t think I like the idea of LIKES button as when it promotes popularity, it also promotes the otherwise.
I am sorry that you feel that way.


No that seemed straight forward for the most part. We’ll see next semester how it works out though i could also fallback on asian studies. Im just trying to keep my options open at this point since i have been deeply confused about the direction of my life.

Ironic however I like that idea of not not having likes. Also without like buttons it would promote more people describing how they actually feel about a certain post then just being able to press the like button.

Screw the world! You gotta look out for #1 and make yourself happy. I’m sure you have a few redeeming qualities. There’s lots of lonely people in the world who just want to have a simple conversation with somebody over a cup of coffee. Nothing fancy, just talking about the inanities of life or how their pet chicken is doing or something. Or someone you could take a walk with in quiet. You don’t have to be super-close, people will settle for a simple companion.