Feeling uneasy again

Today having trouble swallowing and breathing
Hope i will be able to go to sleep tonight
Feel like they’re people in my body
When I’m like this my heart feels uneasy when i try to sleep and i can not
Today had a so so day
I work in the hospitality business
Sometimes i’m afraid my colleagues are saying bad things about me
but i try not to let it bother me
Afraid to have a panic attack when I go on a trip with my sis coming next month
i’m really grateful for this forum
A lot of people giving great feedback


Might be a case of seeing your pdoc for a med asap. Hospitality industry can be extremely stressful a tendency to work extreme hours also. Send me over the edge more then once. Look after yourself because no one there is going to. Be mindful of the hours you work, rest and play.

You can conquer this. Imagine a having a normal mind and what that experience is like, what it should be for you. Fight for it. Dont give your symptoms and credit ignore them until they go away.

**You may not have a panic attack when you go
for your trip. If you are with your sister, you will probably have a blast! Hope you`re feeling better today :sunny: **

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