Feeling uncomfortable and paranoid over my driving instructor

Bascally on the first lesson he started asking me questions like are you married and do you have children.
Then I missed a lesson because I was ill so he said let me know when to resume lessons via text… which is fine.
But then yesterday I installed viber on my phone and he texted me through viber and said skype is better.
Is it me or is this guy acting unprofessional. I don’t want anything to do with him other than driving.
But he makes me uncomfortable and maybe its the paranoia talking.

I think it’s him. If you don’t like this, why don’t you change driving instructor?

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He has no business prying into your private life. He’s probably harmless, though. It’s up to you whether or not you can tolerate him.

Thats messed up.

Pays to be ugly sometimes.

If he says anything like that again just tell him to shut his mouth and focus on the task at hand.

Thats just messed up.

Sounds like this guy does not respect boundaries @anon80629714.
If you feel creeped out or have a funny feeling about this guy and dont feel comfortable around him, I would request a new instructor. Sometimes we have to follow our gut

i think he is trying to have small talk with you instead of awkward silence…maybe he can see that youre uncomfortable and wants you to relax.
i know on viber theres a setting where it will send a message to you notifying you someone on your phone list installed the app
but if you really are feeling creeped out you could always ask for a female instructor

He might like you! So he is curious about you. You can deal with it directly and find the words to reject him or be subtle and make it clear you are not interested. C’mon, you women have a million different ways to reject me, lol. Use one of them on this guy, lol!

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He seems to be older than my dad.

Just make it clear you are not interested at all. Be firm and clear. When I make a mistake and show interest in a girl who has no interest in me, I get “a look” from her. I know what that look means and I back off unless I want to set myself up to be humiliated.


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