Feeling trapped

When I felt this way a few months ago, I took myself to the closest ER. This one was great for helping me, and I was able to talk to a nurse on hand who was better than a crisis worker. They had a bed for me but I didn’t go because it was my brothers gradution and I was afraid to go to a hospital.

being hospitalized would help your chances of receiving SSDI or SSI if you haven’t worked. I had three hospitalizations when I applied and received SSDI immediately after the social security review…good luck. sorry to hear you are so upset.

I don’t know what to say to make you feel any better. I think we’ve all been somewhere close to what you’re going through. I’m on SSI right now, but I was lucky…they awarded me right away, I guess because I’ve been hospitalized in the past and had an official diagnosis of Schizophrenia. My doctor helped as well because she told them everything they needed to know. However, SSI isn’t all that. I barely get enough to take care of myself each month, if my parents didn’t let me live with them for free I’d hate to think where I’d be right now. I was on food stamps for a while but they eventually told me I earned too much to receive them and took me off it.

As for the hospital’s, I’m not sure what it’s like where you are however in one of the bigger hospitals here they have case-workers and would be willing to help work out payment options or completely eliminate them all together if they feel you really need to be hospitalized. Again I don’t know what your hospital is like but maybe you can find a place inside the hospital to talk with someone about your financial situation and ask them for help.

What’s your dx? Have you been to an SS-designated MD for assessment yet?

I was diagnosed psychotic at 17 and schizophrenic at 19. I’m 21 now so this isn’t new stuff basically.
I don’t know what ss-designated md means. I have a primary physician who is prescribing my brain pills.
My psychiatrist refuses to treat me because he can’t give me psychotropic medications cause of my
stomach condition yadda yadda.

Long story short. I was on the phone with the social security lady for an attorney today and she told
me I didn’t have enough inpatient stays and wasn’t seeing a psychiatrist so they couldn’t take my case.
which as a crazy person basically sounds like “check yourself into a mental hospital because nobody
will take you seriously otherwise”
mom doesn’t want me to do that obviously so we scheduled an appt with my old therapist for Wed.
Her husband was my previous psychiatrist and they know all the ins and outs of social security.
apparently they weren’t enough to help my last appeal though.

I hate everything. lol

I’ve gotten that recently.
The system if so flawed.

A doc mandated by the system to assess your illness and diagnose you prior to getting approved or denied.

I hope thing get better for ya.

It was the welfare officer in a voluntary hospital stay that helped me get disability. It was a long time ago and a different country but thought I’d mention it.

Hospital is not a punishment. Just a place to rest heal and recuperate. If you need it. Don’t try and deal with it on your own.


Before my first hospitalization I had symptoms for months and was feeling much like you are now. My nearest behavioral hospital took me in even though I had no money to pay them. They helped me sign up for Medicaid and SSI. I didn’t qualify for ssdi. Before they released me they got me in contact with a clinic that went by income and I received my meds pretty cheap so I could still get help before I got Medicaid and SSI.