Feeling trapped in apartment

I used to go to church 3 or 4 times a week
Because of covid havent been for a year.
It made me calm,but nobody is wearing masks,and churches are filled with anti waxer and Im scared.

I also love nature,my parents build it in beautiful place
My father sold it,so there’s no way I can leave apartment

I’m trapped in small flat for an year,and I cant
Do by my self…

The other day I spread my madnes over here,and I specially apologize to @Jake and @Pianogal


I can imagine how you feel. I pray you get outside. You live in a city?? Where there’s a bunch of people. I hope you get outside to nature it’s important for my mental health to not feel so trapped.!!!


Thanks Gratitude (didnt forget,ha),I feel wasted.
Sometimes I think center of city is hell…

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I lived on the edge of a city it wasn’t too bad. Never lived in the center of a dense city.

Nothing is as bad as feeling trapped. Even inside the mental ward when we got to go outside a few times a day I still felt horrible…trapped.

Thanks for remembering me. I wonder if I can change my name again but to what

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Apolon,not kidding,you are handsome,you get much likes on posting pictures…
Thanks for being for me here…

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Apolon??? That’s nice to hear sometimes I think there must be something wrong with me but if I could just calm down a bit lmfao sir I often think I’m real ugly looking lol. The photos probably capture the best me

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Everyone is a little off due to the pandemic. Don’t feel bad if you’re not yourself right now. Just do the best you can.


Ive got this terible vaccine psychosis,so nightmares every day…

Im alone in my flat but tonight i took a walk and feel better.
I didnt get a summer job because of my CV and un luck.
Today i sang with a friend and i actually sing kind of good so im proud of something.

I would suggest talking to a therapist about your trapped feelings.

There are therapy apps online and maybe a physical one near you.

I have hopes you do this before the feeling or feelings can intensify.

Psychosis with the trapped feelings can limit your freedom.

I accept your apology zoa. I don’t know what you did to me.