Feeling trapped 151515

Trapped inside my head, its like a big stone dungeon, and in order to see the light i have to turn my head around a little bit, but im paralyzed. that’s my inner life. nothing has any meaning,

i bought myself an Xbox One S with my paycheck and expected to have fun with it like i did as a teenager, but it just feels like meaningless pixels on a screen.

Feeling like i need to take positive action but i just feel paralyzed. i miss the way things used to be, even when they were bad it was better than this.

I do stream-of-consciousness journaling, and all that comes out of my head is self-hatred.

Rainbows, Unicorns, Love, and Light,

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I don’t like video games either anymore. You can always sell it and make most your money back. I’ve done that like 3 times with game systems since I stopped playing games like 7 years ago.

Hi @Nomad are you feeling a bit depressed?

I might be wrong, but you haven’t been in this job for too long have you? You might be going through an adjustment period getting used to being around more people (which is really taxing) and getting used to the hours.

Make sure you’re eating properly and keep up the journaling even if it isn’t too positive at the moment. Things will turn around. If it persists though, I think you should talk to your pdoc.

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Are you punishing yourself for something or someone?