Feeling today

From these five words what describe your feelings today

Depressed, excited, relaxed, anxious, happy


I’d say relaxed! It’s payday today so dad and I had lunch down the club. Won some money and left and just finished cooking dinner. All in all a pretty relaxing day!


excited about ordering another copy of my book.


it’s hard for me to identify how I’m feeling this early in the morning

but I guess I’d say I’m feeling happy

Phil came home a bunch more tapes for his reel to reel

and we had a nice evening hearing old songs

I have a bad feeling in my stomach, like something bad is about to happen

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Yes I get that feeling
Hope it eases off for you


Manic. Only got three hours of sleep.

Anxious about the voice coming back I’ve had a break for a week

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I know the feeling
Feeling of dread

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