Feeling stoned from Truxal? Appropriate dose?


I felt desperate and wound up taking 100mg Truxal during a timespan of two hours.
I started feeling stoned afterwards and it lasted for a few hours. Is it possible I took too much too fast?
I’m allowed to take 6x25mg in a day, and a maximum of 50mg at once. But how far apart should I space the doses?


Well, assuming that you’re awake 16 hours per day, you should take 25 mg every 2 and a half hours.

What is Truxal? You should never take more than prescribed (you know that).


Truxal is a prn (as needed). On the bottle it says the main ingredient is chlorprothixen


Okay. Now I understand.

I think you did take too much too fast. So you took 50 mg twice within 2 hours?


Yes. I took 50mg, waited an hour and a half, concluded it hadn’t worked, and took 50mg more


Yeah, the meds usually don’t kick-in right away, then they hit you shortly thereafter.