Feeling Sick

So the past couple of days now I’ve been feeling rather sick. I have no fever, but yesterday I was so sick to my stomach and feeling lightheaded and dizzy every time I sat up I spent most of the day laying in bed, not to mention I had a bit of a dry and scratchy throat.

Today I don’t feel that bad but it’s like I’m hot one minute and freezing the next. I just checked my temperature and I don’t have one. My concentration isn’t that great right now and parts of me want to just lay down in bed, but it’s almost dinner time. So not feeling normal, yet not having any real physical symptoms of being sick is making me aggravated, confused, and moody.

I’m used to sinus’s and allergy problems, and this doesn’t feel like that. Yes I’ve had a hard time breathing and my nose is a bit stuffed up. But I don’t remember getting the hot and cold sensations before. My throat isn’t dry or scratchy any more, and no fever. I had something to eat not to long ago and the food tasted better today than it did yesterday. I don’t know what it is. Is it a cold? Flu? Medication side affects?

Sounds like you’ve caught something. It doesn’t sound like medication side effects to me. If you’re not feeling well in a day or two maybe you should visit your doc.

I’m not a doc so nothing I’ve written should be taken as medical advice. :smile:

Didn’t know if it could be medication or not. I’ve been on the same drugs and the same amount of drugs for a many, many months now. Nothing’s changed. My dad thinks it’s just allergies bothering me. Mold has been high lately and I have problems around too much mold. While we haven’t had much rain in my area I supposed mold dander gets in the air and floats around like anything else…and we’ve been having flooding because of the past storms up north of us finally having the run off water in the rivers head down this way.

sometimes we can be come sensitive to our own allergies

I have the same thing going on I feel dizzy all the time when I sit up and feel like a I have a flu without the fever. Now I’m have a little nasea too.

I don’t know what to do going to the doctor tomarrow but I doubt they will be able to do anything