Feeling si/su today

It’s been a good long while since I’ve felt this way. Things were going pretty good for a few days then today sucks. I can’t do anything right. I did poorly on my practice test. My test anxiety is sky high. I’m so lonely. At least I’m not all weepy like I usually am, until right now as I write this. I just can’t stop thinking about how great it would be if this was all over, if I wasn’t here anymore. I know there are things I should be doing to stop this but I can’t seem to make myself do them but dwell on these thoughts and feelings.

Things will get better If you can’t take it day by day, take it minute by minute. What kind of test did you take?

I’m studying to take the exam to get my license to be a registered nurse.

My bf came home early yesterday because his phone got smashed and he needed to go get a new one. We went out shopping and then to dinner. It was nice.

Today I’m exhausted, I’m missed the exercise class at the YMCA again. Feeling lazy and fat.

wow registered nurse - Congrats!
It sounds like you had a nice evening out. Don’t feel bad about being lazytoday - everyone has those times/days.

They are happening all too often lately. I had 3 great weeks at the beginning of the summer. Then I failed the exam on my 1st attempt and I’ve been in a downward spiral since. My test anxiety is overwhelming my life, I just sit around paralyzed by fear instead of studying. My social worker tried to put it in perspective and make me feel better. She asked if I had passed my drivers test the first time I took it. Nope. Did just okay on the SAT and barely passed the nursing school entrance exam although I did really well in nursing school and graduated with honors. So this test anxiety is nothing new.

Anyone tried EFT or tapping? my social worker recommended watching some youtube videos for EFT for test anxiety and practicing.

EFT helps me for mild anxiety but not major.
Would special accommodations help for the test? Like a private room with music or something to make you feel more comfortable so it isn’t like a test. Most schools will do that especially if diagnosed.

Actually the 1st time I took the test it was great. The testing center has these big private cubicles with comfy chairs at just the right height with the computer screen. They hand out ear plugs. And you have 6 hours to take the test. Its a national exam and they photograph you and palm scan, fingerprint you every time you leave the room to go to the bathroom and come back.

wow, I don’t ever see myself being able to do that. I would be proud of yourself just to get through it.

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Its really intimidating. I’ve spent hours on the internet looking for tips for this. They all say the key is preparing, studying, organizing yourself. I’ve done that. My problem is all psychological and now turning into physical symptoms. My pdoc gave me a script for xanax to sleep because I wasn’t. So that helps. The xanax during the day doesn’t really seem to help and I’m afraid getting addicted but he said I can take one in the am and pm. He also gave me a beta blocker, propanolol, but it gave me the worst side effects and I couldn’t take it more than 2 days, but it worked!