Feeling sedated

How to get rid of this feeling?

Are you still in the hospital?

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Yes I am. :confused:


It’s a safe place. Dont worry. I live far from hospitals. I wish i could go in my times of psychosis.

It’s quite boring too but maybe that’s just me

Its not supposed to be fun i realise

Yes, of course it’s boring. Dont you have any art sessions?

Not sadly :frowning:

Do they do any activities at all for the patients on your ward?

Well there’s a music therapy group on Thursdays i think

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In our ward in the UK we had at least one activity session per day. I remember one was a smoothie making session… Miss that sort of activities…hopefully your stay won’t be an absolute total bore… But at least it is helping you to stabilise

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yeah i hope so too

Its cuz your upped your meds you will readjust

How long does it take?

I’m not sure probably not long

same here… there was something going on at least one time every day.

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We even had some aerobic dance sessions. In the beginning I thought I was in a spiritual realm so it was really fun to dance cos I thought no one around me was proper ‘real’ instead the real them was on the earthly earth… Strange and emotional memories…

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