Feeling sad today *TRIGGER WARNING*

Yesterday was really rough symptom wise for unknown reasons. I was having a great day at work when all of a sudden I sensed the demons near. I felt uneasy, but they weren’t saying or doing anything they were just…lurking. On my drive home it was the same but their energy was stronger, I felt dazed. Then I got home and was very violently attacked. They got pissed off when their seduction tactics weren’t working and they literally just forcibly sedated me and started molesting me. I was so terrified and upset. My boyfriend got home from work just then and interrupted it. They wouldn’t let me move to greet him. I was so scared. Finally he helped pull me up to a sitting position and I could hear the demons curse at me as they moved off. My bf was feeling frisky and was trying to touch me and I had to stop him because I couldn’t handle it after what had just happened.

Their energy stayed around very strong and very angry and malicious. Any second my boyfriend wasn’t in the room with me they would try to attack me again and then they even tried attacking me while I was watching him play videogames but thankfully we went out to dinner and got away from the house and gradually I felt them leave and didn’t have issues the rest of the night.

Rexulti is no longer working then. All you can do is increase the dose I guess.

I was thinking of switching to it from abilify but if it poops out on you then it’s not worth the risk.

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I’m not going to toss it because of an isolated incident. If it continues at that severity level for a number of days in a row then absolutely im going to seek a dose change.

Still this was very strange. On occasion I do have flare ups due to high stress situations or forgetting to take a pill one day. But i took my rexulti that morning and I was not having any stress that day, like I said I was having a good day which in nursing is code for a non stressful day.

How often does that happen ?

Dear lord if rexulti ever poops out on me I’ll be in trouble , I have tried almost every AP and they all gave me terrible side effects except this one.

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Hasn’t in a long time.

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Similar things have happened to me.

That is horrible. I’ve had supernatural molesters, but I thought it was PTSD, because usually a real person is stalking me. But they’re not demonic, just stupid and annoying.

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Today was bad as well. The demons were pushing their energy on me, molesting me and trying to seduce me. Then the devil started talking to me saying I had already enslaved myself by taking a physical form. I was enslaved to the needs and whims of my body as well as the demands of living in the human world. So why not be enslaved to him as well and receive pleasure from it? He tried to get me to “give myself” to him, whatever that may mean. And I snapped out of it last second and said hell no. He basically tries to get me super aroused and full of desire then tries to say if you worship me and serve me I will satisfy that desire.

But I know it isn’t worth it and I will never devote myself to him. So it’s really stupid.

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