Feeling restless & drowsy

So I’m on Rispredal 3 mg twice a day. I like the dose I’m at for the positive symptoms, but I hate the restlessness and drowsiness I feel. I’m constantly taking showers to calm down and just close my eyes a bit while the water rushes over me. What can I do to stop feeling restless and drowsy?

L-theanine when I got like that.


Ever tried propranonol or cogentin for side effects? How restless are you? If it’s too bad, you might want to ask your pdoc about trying a different med.

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You know how a cat kneeds? I do that with my legs. That’s how restless I am.

Yeah, that sounds pretty bad for you to have to deal with. Not all meds cause that i have found. Rispersal did cause akathesia for me too. It was almost unbearable for me though.

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