Feeling rejuvenated

probably because of the good weather were having. and because I’ve been consistent with my workouts. my diet at the moment isn’t the best so I will feel even better when I switch to my almost paleo diet (one serving of beans)

I thought I was experiencing anhedonia last year, but when I talked about it with my pdoc, she said I was describing depression. being that the things that used to give me enjoyment no longer did. the depression lasted about 16 months…I’ve now been on Invega for 25 months. it took me a while to get used to it I guess.

the things that were getting me down, like being a young man with a lack of sex drive are no longer bothering me. im still not what I used to be in that department but im improving with the workouts and feeling more like normal.

also im getting used to not watching television, I never realized how much of my life was spent watching sportcenter basically. it kind of left a void I wasn’t used to. im finding more productive ways to spend my time. im back to practicing my guitar a couple hours a day, I have plenty of yard work in the afternoon to do, so that gets me outside…and I still have time to relax in the evenings.

anyways thought I would post an update. things are looking up. hope everybody has a good day and if your struggling things can get better, even if it’s just for a while. keep fighting :+1:


Yeah good for you.

Replacing bad behavior of just sitting there doing nothing behavior with exercise is a great thing. It really does make it easier to get into other things and it helps you out for sure.

Sounds like your making some plans for the future. That is good my friend! Keep on the exercise and get into things that stimulate you mentally. A hobby is good. A sport. Something to keep you doing anything but watch tv.

Well done you and may you keep on keeping on!

I feel rejuvenated too today, much better than yesterday. Let’s hope it keeps up :smile:

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