Feeling recharged after seeing Angie's sister

Her sister, Jeanette was so uplifting to be around and she was constantly telling me how much she couldn’t believe all my accomplishments. She ordered my book and wouldn’t take my only copy although I offered it to her. Now the neighbors are reading my book. anyways, she explained to me how to better focus on what I can do instead of what I can’t. She leaves for Austin this morning.


That’s good. Uplifting people are always a joy to have around :slight_smile:

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I am right in think you were a bit apprehensive about her visiting? If so well done on having a good time. Changes to social routines can be difficult.

I guess you could say that…it was really important to me that we made her sister as comfortable as possible when she was visiting our house. Jeanette lives in a mansion and is wealthy and our little home is quaint but kind of small. It went really well and she said she is going to try to come back in the Fall.


Sounds like the little bit of sunshine you needed in your life @jukebox, She sounds wonderful.
Hope she can visit again soon, maybe a phone call also to keep those batteries charged.

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