Feeling really helpless

Im already starting to hurt. Just getting dressed is causing my back to flare up. I don’t want to leave work early cause this will be the third day in a row due to my back. But I work in a small engine repair shop. It’s pretty labor intensive and tends to worsen the pain quickly. How am I supposed to work and be there 10 hours. Well work 9 1/2 cause lunch break. I feel so weak and helpless.


Yesterday I was only able to work 6-7 hours. Monday only 1 hour.

If its too hard maybe find an easier job?

can you get worker’s comp or unemployment? wish I could offer help…sorry man.

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Except for this is is at least partially what I want to be doing for a career. Its not this bad all the time. A couple or few times a year I get really bad flare ups then I’m ok for a while.

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I dont think workers comp would cover it since its due to uneven hips and not anything that happened at work. As for unemployment I’m not sure. I know it’ll calm down eventually I’m just not totally sure how long. I just feel like a wimp for leaving early even though I know thats not the case.

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