Feeling really bad

An hour ago. I was just going to sleep on it, figuring I’ll feel better in the morning. But now I’m actually feeling much better. I don’t know if it was the sunflower seeds that cheered me up or turning the heater down.


How are u now nick…!!!


Don’t know if there is always a specific reason why we feel good or bad. Try to find easy things to do that give you pleasure. Drinking tea, listening to music, video games. Something like that.

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OK, I went on YouTube and watched some Beatles and ate some candy and I feel OK. It was just a little glitch because I had gotten depressed about what AA calls, “character defects” in myself. But it went away.


Could be the heat! :slight_smile: That’s why being angry is often being called “hot under the collar”

Edit: this happens with any negative emotion


Glad you’re feeling better @77nick77. The Beatles cheer me up too, they were my first favorite band. Fond memories of having my mom play Sgt Pepper’s on my dad’s hi-fi when I was a little squirt.


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