Feeling really anxious today

Just can’t shift the feeling that something is wrong. I can’t quite catch onto the stock of this thought. I don’t want to be alone when I feel like this. Problem is my folks don’t want me to come down for 3hours.

Is it cool to digitally hang out with you guys?

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I’m leaving in a few minutes, I wish I could hang out with you here.

Nothing bad is going to happen, you can’t really predict the future.

I used to have all kinds of feelings like those and always turned out to be just feelings.

Our minds play tricks on us.



Now the lyrics on my songs seem to singing at me - time for instrumental music.

Hug back @Minnii


Absolutely. You know you’re always welcome here.

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Just woke up in the middle of the night and am about to go back to sleep for a bit more but hey, Jimbob! Hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks for sentiment folks. You guys are the best

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Hey jimbob, what ecig do you use these days?

Aspire nautilus with a vamo 20w mechanical mod. What about yourself?

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I use an Asprire Nautilus too. My mod is an ELeaf iStick 30w.

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I’ve gone sub ohm now. Took a while to get used to. I use an innokin isub g tank and an innokin mvp 3.0 pro battery. I use 6mg liquid which gives the equivalent hit of 24mg in ‘above ohm’ land.

The tobacco products directive is coming into effect in May across the EU. So all current tanks will be illegal to sell probably. I bought some spare isub g’s and stocked up on replacement heads.

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What is that? 1515

It’s an EU wide law, whereby people selling ecig stuff can only sell 10ml bottles of eliquid, and tanks can’t be greater than 2ml in size the maximum strength of eliquid allowed for sale will be 20mg. It’s a complete pain, but they haven’t banned ecigs at least.

Man, that is really inconvenient and intrusive.

Yes it is. I’ll probably end up importing eliquid and tanks from the USA. But there’s something happening in the USA too regarding ecigs I believe.

Great…more laws.