Feeling pretty stoked

So my cigar order came in today and I got a free bluetooth speaker as a promo for buying a certian box. Its a nice speaker but I already have one. I was going to give it to one of my clients because when we are at his house on the deck smoking cigars we always play music from in the house. But rather than doing that, I tried an experiment on my dad. We were out smoking a cigar today and I started playing some 60’s gold. He asked me about playing a certian song, so what I did was download a free music app on his phone, got him connected tot he speaker and let him play dj. He got really excited and even put his ciagr down to keep the music playing. He sat out there for like three hours and even asked me to have the speaker. Im just really stoked I was able to peel him away from the television for so long, cuz all my parents do is sit and watch fox news. Their like zombies and worse they try to push their political and religious views on me all the time, its really annoying. But at least I was able to convince him to listen to music instead and even told him the benefits of increasing his attention span versus watching tv. He bought my story which was nice. Its our new hobby now.

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