Feeling people can read your mind

I feel they could see it in my eyes every experience that I’ve ever had in my life sometimes. I’m scared to lie ever because they could see it in my eyes but what I’ve been through and what I’ve done. I feel if I live somewhere else and had a different life I would look drastically different. Do you think your environment changes how you look a lot? No I don’t think so cause twins look the same even if they’re separated at birth. But I have this delusion that people can see my life story in my eyes but I don’t feel I’m psychic, just they are

sup jon, almost all people can somewhat read a person. It doesn’t mean they know everything. Like when they say first impression matters…but I don’t really believe that myself. I lost the perception to read people a bit even after meeting them a couple of times. Women are usually more observant than men…maymbe if your the same as me then I would prolly be a bit bothered that I cant read them but they can read me a bit more. You shouldn’t even have to lie at all unless they are really trying to interrogate you or something. I don’t like to lie at all either, if you have to then make it a good reason.

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I don’t know. People say that the eyes are windows to the soul. But I’m not so sure. People Definetely can’t tell your life story from just looking at your eyes though.

I’m not sure you can tell anything about people by looking at their eyes. But some people like to think that they can.


It’s fear. I’ve been there…

There is a difference between empathy and “mind reading”. Mind reading is a cognitive distortion while empathy is an accurate idea of what someone is going through. Where exactly the line between the two is a mystery to me. However, I do have the feeling people know me more than I ever try to put out there just based on the things I intuit. But that’s also wrong in some cases just how trying to read minds is often wrong.

I get paranoid episodes and one episode it got so bad I believed when I sat by people they could read my mind. It was awful. I would make myself say poems and songs in my head so they couldn’t read my thoughts. As far as outward appearance, I’m pretty sure when I’m paranoid people can see fear in my eyes even if I’m quiet about my fears.

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