Feeling off today

I feel off. I woke up at 4:40am. I’m sitting in the living room on my cell like usual but I feel like my Dad and mom are judging me.

I live with my grandparents (which is a statement I very not proud to admit). But when my grandpa wakes up in the morning, he always talks to himself. Pretty sure half the time he is muttering under his breath about me.

Nah. It’s just paranoia telling you that. I’m sure he loves having you there.

hmm… idk haha. 15 characters

I know my parents love having me here. It’s just I feel today like my dad is sick of me and wants me to get a job. I get my injection next week. Pretty sure my meds are wearing off.

I got a job to get my grandparents off my back, and I hate it. Well, not to say you will hate having a job. Hopefully you will enjoy your job if/ when you ever get one.