Feeling of falling through the bed at night

Anyone ever get this sensation of falling through the bed at night when they fall asleep, instantly waking you up in fear?

I get that, and these weird experiences where my mind forgets what my body is feeling, and I feel like my fingers are touching something alien, which also wakes me up.

Had a hell of a time sleeping these past few days.

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Happened to me three or four nights ago. They say it happens just as youre falling asleep.


I’ve had the falling through the bed thing before. Freaky. Hope you can get some sleep @naturallycured.

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Sometimes when I lay down and close my eyes I feel like I’m falling, weightless. But not usually related to sleep.


Somebody told me it is a remnant of when we were apes and slept in trees. The sensation of falling makes you grip on tight so you don’t fall off the branch.


I’ve experienced this. I think it’s fairly common.


I have had the feeling that I was falling out of bed at night. I also punched things for no reason and heard voices that I respond to and they wake me up. I think it is somewhat normal, though the punching thing can be dangerous (if you punch your spouse, etc).


Sure I had it, it is very common.


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