Feeling Much Better

Feeling much better on 150mg sertraline, a lot of what I felt were negative symptoms have improved.

Now to consider if I can safely drop to 3.75 mg Olanzapine. Will probably wait until the doctor agrees though.


Have even laughed a few times today.

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Glad the antidepressant is working for u

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Thank you. Will probably still gently attempt another reduction though

good, I love my ad, Cymbalta, best I’ve been in years

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That med doesn’t come in that strength. Are you sure that’s it?

I have a month supply of 7.5mg and have a pill cutter. Started a little weird and overthinking when I did it for three days though.

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Oh, right. Sorry, I had a brain fart lol! I have a pill cutter too for my haldol

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