Feeling mortal. comes with growing older

I am always very aware I don’t have much time left on earth…maybe 20 to 25 years if I keep my health. that may seem like a long time but to me it’s just a little while…and it is unclear how well those last years will go…the future can turn on a dime…don’t want to end up like my friend in ICU. just feeling a bit afraid of death at the moment…I am not afraid of death but in how I will die.


I hear ya brother. Im not afraid of death either but sometimes sorrowful at how Ive wasted hunks of life by not being cognizant. For example, It only recently that I have been beating back the feelings of having my mind read. Realizing that we are just all human has helped out tremendously, but it does make me wish that Id thought of myself and others as mere mortals, years ago.


My list of things to do exceeds the amount of time left to do them in. Irksome.

I would be happy with 25 years more myself. Considering my shortened lifespan risk factors of diabetes, sz and being overweight that is.

I would be quite satisfied with 75. I actually just recently had a “transfer on death” document notarized so that my sister can take over some of my assets in case of my death. I have not made a will yet, but I am planning ahead a bit.

SOmetime in the next 10 years I will probably make a will. Will leave all assets to sister and nephew and nieces.

Hope for 95, plan for 65 is my motto. You just never know.

Edit: My sister is 7 years younger and without any health problems, so is a fairly safe bet on outliving me. She will likely handle all my final earthly affairs. :astonished:


I’m 58 now and honestly I don’t think I’ll make it to 65.
I have numerous health conditions including diabetes and obesity.

I also have cardiac issues and a fatty liver

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