Feeling Lost; Just Floating Through Life

I am feeling quite down. Part of it is just my SzA doing SzA things. Part of it is that I haven’t been able to do much for a while now, because of my fibromyalgia flaring up. I can’t walk very far. I want to be helpful around the house, but I have no energy. Since I’m lounging about doing nothing, I would rather do something fun (like play Pokemon on my Nintendo Switch), but I can’t find enjoyment from hobbies anymore (because of my SzA or antipsychotic). I feel like I’m just existing and floating through life… not really living. I feel lost.


Im here if you Wanna talk…:slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t know if I can relate to your fibromyalgia issue / situation.
I do know, with the schizophrenia / schizoaffective, the disease can take up your whole life.

I have seen days and days, go by where I’m not really doing anything.

Movies or bowling can break it up, but I feel like I have no goal, not accomplishing anything.

I can look at one of my family members, where they are actually accomplishing things daily.

I have to break through this hump of not accomplishing something, just “floating through life”, as you called it.

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Hey, Yellow. Thanks for the offer. :slight_smile: I guess I’m just going through a rough patch.

I quit working at the beginning of June, due to both physical and mental disability. I have a few health problems, but my most disabling conditions are fibromyalgia and schizoaffective disorder.

My husband goes to the office twice per week (sometimes more) and works from home on the other days. Today, he is at the office. He’s really busy, today, so not much texting. I understand that he is working hard to provide for both of us, but I do have a hard time being by myself all day… I feel needy, especially right now. I feel like I might start crying right now… I just feel really overwhelmed by life in general, my situation, etc. I feel lonely and I can’t help but feel clingy.

I can’t keep myself entertained or busy. I can’t find enjoyment from things while I’m by myself. I used to play video games by myself, watch TV shows, do artsy craftsy things… But all those things seem difficult to do now. It’s been this way for a while now.

I need to get some laundry done, but I can’t find the energy to get started on it.

Sorry for the huge response… I got carried away.

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@Blossom did you have a med change or something? You seemed to be doing better before.

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I can relate to a lot of what you say.

My motivation gets squashed from taking my AP as well. Not so bad now, I’m on a relatively low dose, but when I have been on high doses life is really hard. No matter what you do it feels like you have a 40 pound rucksack on your back.

I haven’t vacumed or washed my bathroom in months. It makes me feel bad, also it’s a paradox because I like to have it clean. At least I was able to clean the kitchen last week…it was joyous to at least see one area of the house clean.

It’s a good thing you have emotions though, even if they are neagtive ones. I want to feel more than I do, because emotions are also like a life compass about what you should do. In case of bad emotions what to do to get better. Maybe going for a little walk, or sitting down on a bench outside can be enough to lift the spirits.

I hope things work out better for you.


Hey, everhopeful. I have switched through many meds since last September or so. One of them, Rexulti, really messed me up. I already had mild movement disorder side effects from Invega Sustenna, but the Rexulti really blew that up. I tried a few other meds after that… Now I’m back on Latuda. It’s my third time taking Latuda. I’m kinda out of options.

I have diabetic gastroparesis (by digestion is slowed and my intestines also don’t seem to absorb as much nutrition from my food and absorb my meds). This complicates being on oral meds… I also take Lithium Carbonate. That dose was increased recently, but my lithium blood level hardly budges. It’s just barely within the “therapeutic range”.


That’s a lot to go through. I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch right now.

How long have you been back on latuda?

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I’m sorry you are struggling. I hope you get through this rough patch and can find something that brings some joy back into your life.

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Thank you for your sympathies. My memory is extra bad, lately… I think I’ve been on Latuda for 3 months? I’m not really sure. I just checked my patient portal and it says it was prescribed on May 3rd. So, around 2 months?

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Is there any social acitivity you can do/join ?

Some like being alone, some needs more social acitivity.

Feeling alone is a common feeling.

When you dont Wanna clean or videogame, i think its because you feel low.

I talked to my therapist, yesterday. He said that next visit, we will discuss different volunteer opportunities. I just don’t know if volunteering is something I can do right now. Being social might help me, but if I can’t work a job and I can’t hardly take care of myself, my pets, and my house… how I am supposed to do volunteer work? IDK. Maybe.

Maybe I could go sit at the park with my doggo. He would probably like that. Maybe for lunch (not today, cause it’s after 3pm), I could sit in the shade with doggo, at the park, and eat my lunch?

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park witj doggo sounds nourishing for starters. Med changes for the long term.

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Park is good :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s a reasonable time frame to be on latuda. But if it worked before, it might work again if you give it more time.

I wish I could help. I’m sorry you’re struggling right now.

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